At the Central Statistical Office, we don’t have forms of any kind to fill out when the public requests information.

We have a walk in atmosphere, where we prefer to sit with someone to get a detailed idea of the information they are we requesting.

We also accept requests through email where we communicate with the person for the most detailed information so to make our extracting the information from our very big database a lot easier and makes printing more economical.


Students (primary, secondary or tertiary) and public servants are not required to pay for the information when printed. Everyone else requiring us to print information pays a small fee of $0.50 per sheet.

The list of the Indictors and Publications are as follows:


  • Quarterly Economic Indicators
  • CPI Analysis and Tables
  • other Information
National Accounts Agricultural Report External Trade Report
Travel Report Visitor Exit Survey Consumer Price index
Crime Statistics Environmental Statistics Production and Energy Statistics
Demographic Report Population Statistics Education Statistics
Gender Statistics Millennium Development Goals

The cost of publications range from EC$25.00 to $60.00 and also the Monthly and Quarterly Indicators from $1.00 to $5.00.