About Us

Mission Statement

To safeguard Government resources, to maintain the integrity of the Government’s accounting system and to provide courteous, efficient and professional financial and accounting services to our clients.

Vision Statement

To effectively manage the use of Government resources as well as to deliver courteous, efficient and professional financial and accounting services easily accessible to the public.



  • To ensure the safe custody of and to account accurately for Government Funds
  • To maintain integrity of Government’s Bank accounts by ensuring the correctness of bank transactions and balances
  • To ensure disbursement of public funds in accordance with the Finance Act, Financial Regulations , The Appropriation Act, Pensions Act and Regulations
  • To ensure prompt and accurate reporting on all Government transactions and financial positions; to prepare timely and accurate date for fiscal planning and budgetary control
  • To monitor accounting services in all Departments : to devise efficient ways to prevent irregularities in the management , receipt and disbursement of public funds; to ensure the efficient functioning of the Accountant General’s office
  • To enhance and modernize Treasury Accounting Systems under CARTAC and EGRIP project to improve the financial capabilities of Government
  • To ensure the accurate accounting of receipts and efficient disbursement of public revenues in Portsmouth and Marigot area

Services offered to the General Public

Collection of Fees for

  • Land Transfer Fees-Stamp Duty
  • Stamp Duty on Sale of Land
  • Judicial Stamp Fees
  • Titles to Land Assurance Fund
  • Alien Fees on Land Transfer
  • Citizenship Application fees
  • Work Permits
  • Residence Permit
  • Lost/Damage Passports
  • Visitors Visa/Student Visas
  • Caribbean Community Skills Recognition
  • Off shore Banking
  • Internet Gaming
  • Maritime(Ship Registration)
  • Money Services Annual Dues
  • Company Fees

Receipt Voucher Forms are on Government Website.