Divisions, Units and Departments

Climate Resilience Execution Unit

As of December 31, 2023, CREAD’s impactful tenure came to a close, leaving a legacy of resilience planning and implementation. In light of CREAD’s successful tenure birth the establishment of the Climate Resilience Execution Unit (CREU).

This specialized unit, housed within the Ministry responsible for Economic Development and Climate Resilience, will continue the vital work of articulating and achieving Dominica’s resilience goals.

As Dominica forges ahead, the CREU will play a pivotal role in ensuring that the island nation not only recovers but thrives in the face of future challenges. By weaving resilience into the fabric of policy, practice, and community engagement, Dominica remains steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding its people, environment, and future generations.

Core Responsibilities of the CREU

  • Coordinating all resilience activities nationally;
  • Ensuring that sector and strategic plans are completed and reflects the CRRP targets and outcomes;
  • Liaising with Line Ministries to monitor the implementation of resilience activities;
  • Ensuring the functioning of line Ministries resilience implementation and reporting mechanisms;
  • Ensuring that resilience officers are trained and well equipped to fulfil their responsibilities;
  • Receiving monthly resilience monitoring reports from the resilience officer of each Line Ministry;
  • Ensuring that the information is collated, and necessary feedback is provided to Line Ministries;
  • Capturing resilience activities being undertaken by the private sector and civil society;
  • Updating the CRRP Resilience Monitoring Indicators as the need arises;
  • Maintaining a Resilience Monitoring Score Card;
  • Developing and executing projects within and in furtherance of the CRRP;
  • Supporting Government Ministries to enable them to implement climate-resilience policies and projects;
  • Providing surge capacity to Government Ministries in a range of technical areas;
  • Conceptualizing resilience projects and mobilize financing;
  • Being responsible for the implementation of the Disaster Resilience Strategy;
  • Providing quarterly and other periodic reports regarding Dominica’s resilience progress to the Financial Secretary and other stakeholders approved by the Financial Secretary.