Divisions, Units and Departments

Customs and Excise Division

The Customs and Excise Division is primarily responsible for the collection of import duties and other taxes on international trade, but also performs important complementary roles in law enforcement and protection of society through border control activities.


Mission - A Competent and innovative Organisation dedicated to delivering effective and efficient service to our clients in keeping with established standards and best practices.


Vision - To Ensure Compliance with all Customs legislation through the provision of appropriate information, quality service and targeted enforcement in a professional manner for the benefit of the Commonwealth of Dominica.


Organisational Structure

There are three distinct areas of responsibilities, namely:

  1. Trade Operations
  2. Enforcement /Compliance
  3. Administration /Human Resource.

Each section is further subdivided into operational units headed by Supervisors and supported by teams with each respective unit. The structure provides clear lines for reporting, accounting and delegating responsibility.